Reduce the costs of borrowing with a Newable Secured Business Loan
Since the recent introduction of Newable’s Secured Business Loans, we have been delighted to be able to reduce the cost of finance to those SMEs and business owners with property assets available to secure their loan.
Responsible Finance

We can take a legal charge (first of subsequent) over a businesses commercial premises or perhaps an asset owned by the business owner such as a BTL investment or holiday home.

Our secured loans are priced from just 8% per annum and are a great way of using available equity to invest into a business for further growth.

If you have clients who may benefit from a Newable Secured Business Loan, please contact us today.

Release equity in multiple property types

To calculate the available equity offered as security, the following adjustments are made:

  1. For residential property, the value is calculated as 90% of the market value.
  2. For commercial property, the value is calculated as 75% of the market value.
  3. Where the property is co-owned (e.g. spouse) and the co-owner is not a director/ shareholder of the borrower, the available equity is pro-rated. All properties must meet the minimum criteria of:

– Minimum value – £75,000
– The property must be freehold, or, a long-term lease (75 years or more)
– Situated in England or Wales


  1. 4% arrangement fee is payable
  2. Applicant must cover Newable legal expenses of up to £1,500
  3. Introducer commissions paid in line with your existing arrangements with Newable