International Trade Support: looking forward to 2022

International Trade Support: looking forward to 2022

It’s become cliché to say the last 12 months were unprecedented, but I think it does need saying. In the past year, UK exporters faced not one, but two economic shocks. The double whammy of the global COVID-19 pandemic combined with the UK’s departure from the European Union hit very hard. Despite this, the most … Continued

Helping UK SMEs to thrive through uncertain times

However, despite these challenges, Newable Capital, along with the broader SME focussed capital market, has been active throughout the pandemic, supporting and investing in exciting SME businesses across the UK. With significant amounts of available capital, access to external debt markets and industry expertise, equity investors are uniquely placed to accelerate the recovery and future … Continued

What is a bridging loan?

What is a bridging loan? Most people don’t have a significant amount of liquid cash that can be accessed immediately, even if they do have the funds to make a purchase. That’s what bridging loans are useful for; they provide a way to access funds in a shorter timeframe. It is a useful option if … Continued

Newable Ventures Scale-Up Fund 3 completes Thingtrax Investment

The Newable Ventures’s Fund has successfully led a £1.3m investment in Thingtrax. Newable participated alongside Superseed Ventures and angel investors. Thingtrax is an AI and IoT smart factory solution founded in 2015 to help manufacturers transform the way their labour, processes and machinery connect. The company uses custom hardware sensors and proprietary software over a … Continued

The Year in Focus; automotive and leasing sectors

In nearly two difficult years for high street retail, vehicle leasing, amongst other high-value transactional sectors, has seen increased activity as business users, as well as consumers, become more confident making larger transactions online. Synergy’s core value of delivering an excellent leasing experience to our clients and keeping them at the heart of the business … Continued

The pivot to a leaner way of working

We provide software operating systems for working capital lenders. For our clients, 2021 was about financial institutions moving from an ‘emergency’ state towards a shared focus on operational efficiency. Now, there’s no going back. Boosting operational efficiency Lockdown was a disorienting time for lenders in our sector, who previously relied heavily on paper-based processes and … Continued

Was 2021 SpaceTech’s breakthrough year?

Satellites launching in ever increasing numbers, High-Net-Worth’s reaching space in civilian vehicles, and record levels of public and private investment pouring into the sector is making early-stage investors ask – was 2021 the beginning of a SpaceTech revolution? Space Exploration Became Mainstream With Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Captain Kirk himself achieving weightlessness for the first … Continued

FrancisKodak Design Lab: The London entrepreneur creating life-saving road safety innovations

Founded by Ferenc Boroczky and with offices in London and Budapest, FrancisKodak Design Lab is an award-winning design and innovation consultancy. Using a unique blend of business strategy, technology, gamification and creative know-how, the company offers world-class training experiences. Ferenc’s mission to make our roads safer In 2015, when Ferenc was studying design research on road safety, … Continued

Top tips to achieve exporting success

This is definitely not an exhaustive list, but subjects which will apply to most companies that are on the export journey. Firstly, some specific actions: 1. Protect your Trade Mark and have an Intellectual Property strategy. Progressively we are seeing IP and TMs as the most valuable asset for an exporter. More and more exports … Continued

Global Business Innovation Programme

Newable is the delivery partner for several of Innovate UK’s programmes, including Global Business Innovation Programmes (GBIP). What is GBIP? Up to 15 high-growth innovative businesses are supported during each Global Business Innovation Programme (GBIP). They explore opportunities that exist in specific business markets and themes, providing detailed market knowledge, introductions and cultural insights. The … Continued