The Forgotten Gas in Need of QLM’s Methane Monitoring Technology

The Forgotten Gas in Need of QLM’s Methane Monitoring Technology

Bristol based start-up QLM Technology (QLM) is on a mission to turn the tide against methane, by first revealing the scale of methane emissions. What is Methane? Methane forms when organic matter decomposes in oxygen-poor environments and is emitted from both anthropogenic (man-made) and natural sources; with over 50% of global methane emissions coming from … Continued

Top tips on building a global strategy: where to begin

Whilst this is primarily for people and companies who are new to exporting, it is often a good thing for everyone to sometimes pause on their journey and look back, review, refresh and rethink. This might be particularly useful when an experienced exporter is thinking about looking at a new region where they haven’t exported … Continued

Fuelling Ambition – Breaking barriers

Entrepreneurs face many challenges in business life. These challenges are even greater for female entrepreneurs. With various barriers; including access to finance and reliable business advice networks. 2020 was even more difficult with the pandemic; Wired reports that unlike previous recessions, which affected men more severely, the economic fallout of Covid-19 has disproportionately affected women.* … Continued

The Month That Was August 2021 – Newable Ventures Portfolio News

Echion Technologies Echion Technologies, the Sawston-based developer of next-generation materials for lithium-ion batteries, has raised £10m in a Series A funding round. The round has been led by CBMM – the world’s leading supplier of niobium products – and BGF, the UK and Ireland’s most active investor of equity capital in growth companies. The University … Continued

Supporting the Space sector with advice and investment

Newable has been supporting UK businesses for almost 40 years, through the provision of Money, Advice and Workspace. In 2020 alone, we supported over 43,000 business all at different stages of business development. In many cases, businesses will come to us at different stages of their business journey, whether they’re launching new products and need … Continued

The Ultra-Low Emission Zone expansion and what this means for you

Most vehicles will be required to meet new tighter exhaust emissions standards or pay a charge to travel within the zone. Drivers whose vehicles exceed the Ultra-Low Emission Zone emission standards must pay between £12.50 to £100, a charge that is enforced by a network of cameras across the city. What is the Ultra-Low Emission … Continued

Newable’s Environmental Management Policy

Each EMS ensures a common thread through communication and assessment while at the same time offering bespoke tactics and interventions as we seek to engage with staff and assess and our environmental impacts. Our approach Newable is not only looking to mitigate its own potential compliance risk and to reduce costs and carbon through high … Continued

The Month That Was July 2021 – Newable Ventures

Ventures Frenzy In the first six months of 2021 technology startups raised nearly $300bn globally, almost as much as in the whole of 2020. That money helped add 136 new unicorns between April and June alone, a quarterly record, according to CB Insights, a data provider. Compared with the same period last year the number of … Continued

Navigating the current landscape as an SME or start-up

Chris is also a highly successful entrepreneur himself – prior to joining Newable, Chris founded and scaled five SMEs including his most successful, Sit Up TV, which he sold to Virgin Media for £194m in 2005. Is now a good time to set up a start-up for the first time, and if so why? In … Continued

Space to grow – Newable invests in two Space Technology startups

PlanetWatchers provides analytics as a service (AaaS) to the crop insurance industry. Founded in 2016, by former Israeli military intelligence officers, they saw the potential for the use of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) in commercial markets. By possessing such a deep understanding about SAR, the founders identified that by applying SAR based analytics to the … Continued