Meet our Head of Renewable Energy – Chris Russell

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Chris Russell

Our growing team of experienced finance advisers provide support to SMEs with a range of products including business loans, invoice finance, asset finance, commercial mortgages, development finance and life insurance.

We are committed to the UK’s Zero Net plans and want to help other small businesses looking to make more carbon-friendly purchase decisions to have the means to do so, which is why we now offer Renewable Energy Finance.

Chris Russell has recently joined as Head of Renewable Energy Finance, we decided to interview him to find out more about his role in the team and how he hopes to help businesses.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at Newable.

I have worked in Financial Services for over 20 years in various roles including Mortgage Consultant, Financial Adviser and Business Development Manager within Agricultural and Renewable Energy Asset and Project Finance.

I was appointed Head of Renewable Energy Finance at Newable and am responsible for sourcing finance for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Assets and Projects.

My role means I work directly with SMEs including suppliers, installers and manufacturers of renewable energy equipment, agricultural clients and renewable energy developers by sourcing tailored and structured finance packages by having direct access to lenders from across the UK who specialise renewable energy finance.

What did you do previously, experience in the sector?

I have nearly a decade of experience working for three funders in specialist Business Development roles focusing mainly on Renewable Energy Finance.  Engaging with brokers, farmers, directly with SMEs and developers by proposing renewable energy lending credit proposals covering all spectrums of ‘green’ assets including Solar PV, LED Lighting, Electric Vehicle Charging Points, Biomass, CHP, Wind Turbines, Heat Pumps, Battery Storage, AD Plants, Waste to Energy and Hydro-Electric.

How important is renewable energy in the finance sector? What does it entail exactly?

Investing in renewable energy sources will have a significant impact on the UK ability to achieve net zero emissions. It’s predicted to be a major growth area supported by the fact that more and more lenders are now providing the funding to allow businesses to invest in ‘green’ assets and projects.

Renewable Energy lenders understand both the environmental and financial benefits to a business investing in energy-efficient assets by providing structured and tailored finance packages through Hire Purchase, Lease or Loan facilities to finance the installation and the operation of the renewable energy assets.

How will you be helping clients?

Use the skills, experience and lender contacts which I have gained over the years to help businesses source tailored funding packages.  I understand renewable energy assets, how they work and benefit a business and even the most complex of scenarios. I can ensure that clients will benefit from a smooth and straightforward experience, as sourcing renewable energy finance can be complicated. I have a deep understanding of the credit application process whilst helping businesses to achieve funding that will help them gain financial flexibility.

I have direct access and a strong relationship with multiple Renewable Energy specialist lenders covering every aspect of Renewable Energy Asset Finance and Project Finance including the re-financing of operational assets.

What advice would you give to businesses looking for funding?

Renewable Energy Finance is a fairly new areas for many lenders and it can be a complex market to source the best finance package for your business. The products offered by each lender differ, with some lenders only having a funding appetite for certain types of renewable energy assets.  Each lender has a different lending criteria with regards to terms, deposits, rates and level of supporting financial information.

It’s key to engage with a Renewable Energy Lending expert who has years of experience and knowledge with funding these types of assets, as it will ultimately take away the complexity of sourcing finance by saving you time and money, and it will give you the confidence to know that you have got the best finance package on the market.

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