It takes a village
At Newable we understand that entrepreneurs never have enough time in the day if you’re doing your own start up.

If we can take away some of those pain points so you can focus on the core business then we believe that will improve the chances of a successful outcome.

Not just capital

Newable have developed a structured ecosystem of support that can help any successful company with their next round of funding.

That ecosystem is not just to provide capital, however, Newable provide a number of services from flexible working spaces, export advice and support from Innovation Advisers on how to access further grants or do an IP audit. Providing the businesses that we work with what they need to succeed and grow.

“The additional support that Newable offer in terms of office space or export advice can be very valuable to early stage companies particularly where access to these services may otherwise be more prohibitive”.

– Brittany Harris Qflow

According to Beauhurst, Newable Private Investing is the UK’s most active early stage investment network, taking part in 50 deals in the past 24 months.

We’re not just the most active, we also believe we are the most effective, we had over 1800 companies approach Newable last year and took 25 down to serious analysis stage. Not only do we provide the companies we support additional services, we also do the same for investors.

Investors are able to take part in syndicates and share information and opportunities freely, with the more experienced investors sharing their know-how, allowing others that are currently building the credibility and track record to actually make better investment decisions as a result.

Life Lessons for Investing

We have a 35 year track history in private investing, and we’ve recently distilled this knowledge into a series of Life Lessons for Investing. Filmed from the perspective of UK entrepreneurs and investors, the series provides tips and hints for EIS investing.

Episode 6: No Need to do it Alone

Episode 6: No Need to go it Alone – Newable Life Lessons from Newable on Vimeo.