Go hard or go home
Investing in a young company is very high risk, but the return can be very rewarding. More and more investors are investing in early-stage start-ups and there’s a reason why.

Timing is key

Start-ups are an adventure that many investors love being a part of, giving them an opportunity to actively influence the outcome of their investment and pass on their know-how and access to their networks.

It is a game of high risks and rewards and many angels are more than eager to bring their expertise to play it.  If you were to wait until a start-up goes public to invest, you could be missing out on 95% of the gains so timing is of importance.

Making a difference

Increasingly, business angels are looking to invest in ideas and innovation which challenge the world’s problems whilst also delivering a financial return.

Gerard Greggs-Smith, an investor at Newable shares how it thrills him to watch companies grow. “It’s really fun to see these companies grow and develop and become successful. One of my early clients were a tiny little start-up and now it’s a multi-hundred billion company, so I love to see that journey”.

Life Lessons for Investing

We have a 35 year track history in private investing, and we’ve recently distilled this knowledge into a series of Life Lessons for Investing. Filmed from the perspective of UK entrepreneurs and investors, the series provides tips and hints for EIS investing.

Episode 1: Go Early


For more information, email us at LifeLessons@newable.co.uk.