Dragons and Angels – myth busting
When you think Angel Investment, many of us think of Dragons Den and the BBC show has really done a lot in raising the profile of Angel investing. But, has the show done more harm than good? What are angel investors really like?

Behind the boardroom

It is no secret that Dragon’s Den has popularised the idea that entrepreneurs can attract investment from individuals, but the highly popular TV show is also just that – a TV show made for entertainment.

The confrontational aspect with contestants being torn to shreds over their business plan is also highly dramatised for television. So what is it actually like behind the boardroom?

An angel investor is a wealthy individual or business that provides funding to start-ups and growing businesses in exchange for a share of equity. As well as making a financial investment into a company, the majority of angel investors will also offer advice to business owners, and provide them with key contacts to help grow their business.

Angel access

Many businesses miss out because they do not know about all of the investment avenues available to them, or how to approach would-be investors.

At Newable we support UK based entrepreneurs with long-term equity investment to fuel fast growth businesses with our network consisting of over 500 angel investors.

Life Lessons for Investing

We have a 35 year track history in private investing, and we’ve recently distilled this knowledge into a series of Life Lessons for Investing. Filmed from the perspective of UK entrepreneurs and investors, the series provides tips and hints for EIS investing.


Episode 2: Don’t believe in Dragons


Episode 2: Don't Believe in Dragons – Newable Life Lessons from Newable on Vimeo.

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