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Ensuring everyone in business has the best possible chance to thrive

Our goal is to generate inclusive economic growth.

Fuelling Ambition: Supporting Women In Business

Fuelling Ambition is Newable’s support programme for female entrepreneurs, providing inspiration, as well as practical guidance and advice. We help ambitious business women with bespoke support to;

  • Access funding and finance
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Develop a business strategy
  • Internationalise
  • Product and market alignment
  • Enhance supply chain efficiency
  • Access business mentoring

Enhancing Innovation Opportunities

Global Business Innovation Programmes offer ambitious UK companies the opportunity to explore and exploit innovation opportunities in specific markets and technology and innovation areas overseas and are funded by Innovate UK and delivered by the Enterprise Europe Network,

These programmes provide detailed market knowledge, introductions and cultural insight that enable small innovative businesses to accelerate their business growth through collaborations and partnerships in new markets.

In 2019, Innovate UK together with UK Science & Innovation Network Israel and the Enterprise Europe Network at Newable brought a delegation of some of the UK’s most promising women innovators in Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data to Israel, as part of our Global Business Innovation Programme. This programme contributed to Innovate UK’s ongoing commitment to Women in Innovation and helped encourage diversity in innovation and showcase UK women-led businesses.

Promoting diversity and inclusion in business

Newable champions diversity and inclusion in business. As part of this ambition, we delivered the London Diverse Entrepreneurs Summit at City Hall for the Mayor of London and London Growth Hub with 100+ businesses from under-represented groups, organised a Global Business Innovation Programme with Israel for 15 UK female-led AI & Data businesses and the Fuelling Ambition Conference with 450+ London women entrepreneurs. We believe confidence transforms.

Enabling Enterprise: Creating Inclusive Supply Chains

A programme supporting diverse entrepreneurs grow and connect with new markets/access new supply chains.

This project is supported by JP Morgan Chase Foundation, through what is their third grant to Newable. We have been working with the foundation since 2015 to support local businesses grow.

The programme will support 150 SMEs, 65% (98) of which will be Female owned. The programme delivers tailored business support and advice through specialist workshops and meet the buyer events.

Our Supply Chain Project in numbers

  • 19 Meet the Buyer events
  • 67 new SME contracts awarded
  • 119 new jobs created
  • £8 ROI for every £1 invested in the project

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